They say that sometimes it is in your lowest point in

life, or your nadir, that you find clarity and strength to

rise again from the ashes of what once was, and

manifest a greater tomorrow. Thus, in 2015, Nadir’s

journey as a band began. 

Like its Malay translation

(rare), the band strives to make music that is rare and

unique, combining different life experiences and

emotions together with explosive crowd-chanting

energy on stage, manifested in the colourful plethora

of sounds and languages from various cultures in

Malaysia and around the world.

Growing up in Malaysia, a country founded on a

simple and beautiful idea whereby cultural

integration was preferred over societal homogeneity,

we were raised with a strong spirit of inclusivity and

togetherness. We celebrated our differences and

revered our diverse roots. Nadir embodies that idea,

embracing the colourful ups and downs of our past

while bravely exploring the unwritten future to create

a meaningful now, worthy of a lasting legacy. The

band is a fusion of sounds that represent our different

worldly experiences, moulded into what is uniquely,

Malaysian Music with limitless sonic boundaries.

Having wow'ed audiences at esteemed stages ranging from Laundry Bar, Merdekarya, The Bee and No Black Tie, to festivals such as the Temple of Fine Arts’ Festival of Arts, NBT International Jazz Day, WTF Earth Festival 2017, corporate events, launches and international exhibitions such as SEAMEX 2017 and BMW Shorties, the band are a powerhouse on any stage. Nadir have also just returned from a featured showcase at The Cambodian Water Festival 2017 in Phnom Penh and a collaboration with Cambodian superstar Laura Mam with a single due for release in 2018. This multi-lingual band have a brand new 13 track album out entitled ‘Synesthesia’ that will take you on a journey through the pathways of the world’s soul and mesmerise you.

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A promo video by The Level on our album soft launch

Our single "Ikan Kekek"

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