Nadir was born from an idea. A cultural melting pot. A boundary-less creative machine. And thus, in 2014 began the journey of crafting and bringing to life this idea through the collective minds of our talented members, veterans in the music scene. Like its Malay translation ( rare ) the band strives to make music that is rare and unique, combining different life experiences and emotions together with explosive crowd-chanting energy on any stage, be it a small club or a big festival stage, manifested in the colourful plethora of sounds and languages of various cultures in Malaysia and around the world.

Having wow’ed audiences at stages ranging from Laundry Bar, Merdekarya, The Bee and the Temple of Fine Arts’ Shantanand Festival of Arts, all the way to corporate events and launches such as the BMW Shorties Awards Night, Nadir brings you some world sensitivities with their original blend of cultural flavours. The band regularly features renowned singers such as Rashdan Harith, Bihzhu, Dasha Logan, Beverly Matujal and many more. This tri-lingual band have just wrapped production on their debut album and are ready to take you on a journey through the pathways of the world’s soul and mesmerise you. Are you game? 

Meet The Band

Adil Johan ( Sax & Vocals )

Adil Johan (Saxaphone) was born and raised in the calm sea breeze state of Penang, musically trained in the harsh winters of Toronto and creatively interacting and navigating the Jazz scene of KL. Drawing inspiration from Hip-Hop, Jazz, Neo-Soul, Heavy Metal and Post-war Malay films, he converges these diverse sound sand styles in his playing. A doctorate in Ethnomusicology in hand has given Adil an open ended approach in his playing, which he hopes will articulate a sincere and tasteful blend of culture and style that resonates with any audience. 

Farique Nadzir ( Guitars )

Guitar hero & cuddly bear number 1 of the band, Farique Nadzir (guitars) is the resident stringsmith, imparting to the band his many years of experience as an acclaimed guitarist, singer, producer, composer and lecturer. With the wealth of experience, Farique is highly diverse while still being able to maintain a birds eye view on the commercial leanings of Nadir’s music. Don’t let the rough and rugged exterior fool you. This mean shredder can be as soft and sentimental as a bunny, all while enjoying his strong black iced coffee. 

Ashwin Gobinath ( Drums & Vocals )

A keen sense of rhythm, sound & arrangement led Ashwin Gobinath (Drums) to start playing at a very early age of 11 in his high school marching band. Having honed his craft by performing regularly in bars, pubs and gigs fromPenang and KL all the way to Australia, the band leader Ashwin, combines his love for music with his 13 odd years of experience as an audio engineer & producer, and strives to always come up with new and innovative ways of composing and recording music that digs deep into the soul. 

Lor Phaik Sim ( Keys & Soundscapes )

The most recent arival into Nadir, multi-instrumentalist, synth-meister and sound designer in Nadir, Simmy is well versed in a large variety of obscure and unique genres and styles such as Irish & Celtic music, Orchestral, Fusion-Jazz,RnB, Neo-soul, Metal and many more. She is often seen playing the Tin Whistle,Violin, Bass and even sings sometimes for other acts in the music scene. This acute awareness of a diverse range of sounds has created a great opportunity for her to expand the soundscape of Nadir even further. 

Stephanie Tham ( Keys & Piano )

Stephanie Tham (Piano) is no stranger to the scene, having played with Altimet, Vandal, Prema Yin and Vince Chong. A graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music, she is known for her ability to dazzle audiences with her multi-personality playing. One minute you hear sweet serendipitous notes that flow effortlessly into ferocious 32nd note solo’s and sweeping arpeggios across the ivories. Her arrangement specialty ensure’s Nadir’s music is structured and held with enough esteem to maintain the fine balance between crazy and calm. 

Santosh Logandran ( Percussions, Tabla & Vocals )

Santosh Logandran (Percussions, Tabla & Carnatic Vocals) grew up surrounded by cultural influences of the traditional kind. Classicaly trained in Traditional Indian Music, this multiple Boh Cameronian award winning composer and musician lives by the concept of mixing different styles and genres of music together to create a unique sound with universal appeal. A multi-instrumentalist by nature, Santosh is the youngest in the band but as they say,age is just a number and in our books, his wealth of cultural experience forms a vital part of the unique sound of Nadir. 

Zaim Zaidee ( Bass & Vocals )

This self taught, ‘school of hard-knocks’, off the book bringer of bass is a regular feature in the Malaysian music scene, having performed with the likes of Faizal Tahir, Jamal Abdillah, Ning Baizura and many more. Zaim (Bass) likens his style to that of a journeyman; always travelling,learning and discovering new ways of communicating his ideas on the 5 string. Influenced by a plethora of styles, be prepared to hear the true magic of the bass! 

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